What on Earth does Science have to do with Faith in God?

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An IWS Talk from Jeffrey Kirkbride

September 17, 2016

At our Men’s Ministry’s annual fall retreat in 2016, we had the privilege of hearing from Jeffrey Kirkbride on a topic that he is both passionate and knowledgeable about: the intersection of faith and science.

The apostle Paul urges us to, “Test everything. Hold on to what is good.” In this spirit, Jeffrey gives a compelling challenge to test our own notions about what is and isn’t essential to our faith. In his talk entitled “What on Earth does Science have to do with Faith in God?”, Jeffrey walks us through many concepts┬áregarding faith and science.

Jeffrey Kirkbride

Jeffrey began teaching in 1990, first physics and engineering (and later astronomy). Seven years later he taught astronomy at another college in San Jose. In 1998 he was commissioned as a full-time minister in the ministry of Science Faith and the Kingdom. This is a ministry of education & reconciliation between Christians who may know very little of the basics of science but presume some conflict exists and people who may know science but know little of what it means to live a life of faith.

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