Worship Song: Dwell

I wrote this song during a time of deep sadness as a way of lifting my eyes to heaven and finding peace in the midst of darkness. Friends dying, families hurting and a church with a broken heart.

As we follow Jesus, pain and suffering isn’t something that we need to push to the side or explain away. This worldview we call Christianity says clearly and plainly that this planet is plagued by a curse. Things have gone wrong.

The Christian should rightly hate to see things go wrong in this world; but he should never be surprised by it. Even God is moved to tears by the disease and violence that we walk through, but he isn’t taken off guard by it.

When the Psalmist walks through “the valley of the shadow of death,” he isn’t referring to a short season of hardship, but a life of brokenness. Being born into a place where all things die.

Walking in a world like that, means reminding ourselves constantly of the World beyond the world. The House beyond our house.

When we sing a broken tune, You hear us
When we raise our voice and shout, You feel our pain
When we bow with no words, You see us

Trusting in Jesus does not take the pain of this life away.

Jesus wept.

Trusting in Jesus opens our eyes to a different way of living – as pilgrims, as sojourners. As weary but content travelers barreling toward paradise, arm in arm through an earthly existence that oscillates between bitter and sweet – yesterday a living hell, tomorrow a wedding feast, and today something in between.

– Greg Jenkins

Verse 1

When I walk, the Shepherd walks beside me
When my soul is overcome, His love restores
When I go, His mercy goes before me
When I wander, His kindness chases me
Home to the house of the Lord


I will dwell here with You
In Your presence, my soul will be renewed
I will rest in this truth
You are with me, my life belongs to You

Verse 2

When I fall, I feel your Spirit lift me
When shadows rise and death is close, I will not fear
In the valley, I will rest in knowing
When my heart is broken open, You meet me
Here in the house of the Lord

Verse 3

When we sing a broken tune, You hear us
When we raise our voice and shout, You feel our pain
When we bow with no words, You see us
When will we see you face to face?
In the house of the Lord


Your love is leading us
Your mercy covers us
Your light is guiding us home
To the house of the Lord

Your hope is all around
Our hearts are changing now
No darkness can surround us here
In the house of the Lord

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