Life-transforming community results in community-transforming lives.

At Covenant Church, we believe that living in community is vital and that the church is most alive and most beautiful when believers are found together, displaying the incredible work of the Gospel in the everyday rhythms of life.

Community Groups are modeled on Acts 2 and exist to:


Each group gathers regularly to grow in relationship, to know others and be truly known. There is no substitute for time spend together.


Each group commits to sharing life together. This can mean praying for one another, carrying each others burdens, or pooling resources to care for those who have needs.


Each group agrees to bless the larger community, choosing a specific pocket of people to unconditionally overwhelm with God’s love and grace.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I join a Community Group?

The Christian life is not a solo journey. God calls us to love others, share our lives, learn from those around us, and lift each other up. Community Groups are designed to be a place where those things can become a regular part of our lives.

When and where do Community Groups meet?

Each group meets at a different time (usually every other week) for about two hours. Meetings happen in homes all around the Bowling Green area.

What can I expect when I attend a group meeting?

Every group is unique, but you can expect to find fellowship, study, discussion, and prayer. At the core, Community Groups are all about living life together.

What about childcare?

Childcare is the responsibility of each community group. There are creative ways of handling childcare during a meeting, such as designating someone to watch children every week, holding a Bible study for the children, or even simply allowing children to participate in the discussion.

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